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Web Design Services in London

Our web design company in London has a team of certified and experienced web developers and online marketing specialists who will help you build your online presence (through a website and/or a mobile app) and grow your business. We invite you to read below about our tailored web design and web development services in London.

 has been on the market for the past 5 years and ever since it has helped clients from all business fields with web development and online marketing solutions. You can rely on the experience of web designers and marketing specialists at IT OUTSOURCING INTERNATIONAL COMPANY for complete web development solutions for your company in the UK.

You can rely on us for tailored web development and web design services for your company in the UK.

 Quick Facts  
Services available

Website creation
Mobile app development
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Logo creation and branding

Website creation time frame (approx.) 2 – 6 weeks

Website development cost (approx.)

 800 – 3,000 GBP
App development time frame (approx.)

4 – 5 months

App development cost (approx.) from 5,000 GBP
Types of websites 

WordPress, E-Commerce, Presentation Websites

Android app development services (YES/NO)


iOS app development services (YES/NO) YES
E-commerce site creation (YES/NO) YES
Programming languages used JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby,PHP, etc.
 Other solutions offered ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
SCM (Supply Chain Management) software
EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software
 Web design services available (YES/NO)  Yes, we also integrate web design solutions into our services

 Web redesign services (YES/NO)

We can provide a fresh touch to old websites through our web redesign services in London 

 Test services before launching a website (YES/NO)

Yes, all sites and apps are tested before being launched 

 Website maintenance solutions available (YES/NO)  Yes, we provide 24/7 maintenance services
 Logo creation/branding services (YES/NO)

 Yes, we can help you create a visual identity for your business

 Software development solutions available (YES/NO)

Yes, we have programmers who can create various types of software 

 Windows OS app development services (YES/NO)

We can also create Windows OS applications 

Native/hybrid app development solutions (YES/NO) 

 Our specialists can create native and hybrid apps

 Availability of cloud development services (YES/NO)

Cloud development solutions also enter the attention of our programmers 

 Magento platform services available (YES/NO) Yes, Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online stores and it is mastered by our specialists 
 Advantages of working with a web design agency

 Here are some of our advantages:

– integrated services;

– maintenance for all solutions created by us;

– personalized approach for each client.

Our web development and online marketing services in London

Web development is a complex process that encompasses several aspects of running and promoting a business on the Internet. This is why we offer specialized web development services in London and online marketing services, among which we enumerate the following: 

  • web design and redesign services for those who do not have a website and those who want a fresh touch and a new face for their existing websites; 
  • mobile app development which will take your services or products to clients using their phones most of the time; in case you need mobile app development services in another country, for example in Romania, we can put you in contact with our partners – aplicatii-mobile.com.
  • web development which implies the actual creation of the architecture of your company’s website; 
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is widely used today, and which will make your site visible to those interested in your products or services; 
  • Social Media Marketing or SMM which will increase your business’ visibility on the desired social media channels; 
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM which implies paid campaigns based on specific keywords that will place your website on the front pages of Google, Bing, and so on. 

The first thing you should consider if you want to have a business presence on the Internet is the use of a specialized agency which offers website design services in London. You can rely on our professionals for this, but other services as well. 

In addition to working with graphic designers, data scientists, and other software specialists to construct applications, we also have app developers in London who have strong knowledge about coding languages and how to use them. So, feel free to inquire about our services based on your needs and requirements.

Next, we will breakdown each component of our web development services in London. 

Web development in London – what it is and what it can do for you

A broad definition of web development implies the coding and programming of the website in a manner in which it functions properly. Web development can also be regarded as the actual creation of a website for a company.

There are various types of websites which can be created, among which e-commerce websites which are very popular nowadays, standard websites used for marketing purposes, and blog websites. Our specialists in London offer web development services no matter the type of website you want to have running on the Internet. 

You can contact our web design company in London and talk to our specialists about the types of website you need and the functionalities you want implemented on it. 

What to consider when building a website

The creation of a website usually relies on the needs or desires of the client. When it comes to traditional companies, many of them find it important to give access to their customers any time of the day, which is why linking a website to their usual business becomes very important.

When considering the idea of creating a site, there are various aspects to take into account, among which the type of website and how it will be used. From a usage point of view, a website can present the goods and services of a company, or it can sell the goods and services as an extension of a brick and mortar store, for example. There is also the possibility of moving a traditional shop online or starting with an e-commerce site from the beginning. This is one of the main reasons to decide from the beginning on how to proceed. Of course, the specialists in our web design company in London can help, as we have a team of talented web designers and developers, as well as online marketing strategists to help with that.

In some cases, the client can only come with the idea and together we can build a marketing strategy around it.

Other important aspects to take into consideration when interested in having a website created for a UK company, is whether it will sell its goods or services locally, nationally, or internationally. Also, it is the client’s decision to attach a mobile application to the website, thus increasing sales in a rather short period.

We value the ideas of clients and do our best to create the types of websites they need, in accordance with their vision. This one of the main reasons our web design agency in London provides tailored services.

We also invite you to read about the benefits of a website for your business below:

web design london

Website design services in London

Once our web developers in London have created your website, you will need to present your services and/or products to clients. This is where web design will enter the scene. Colors, fonts, graphics, layout, and content must blend in a manner that catches the eye of the user while being accessible, responsive, and easy to understand. And this is what our web design specialists in London can do for you: combine your ideas into a responsive and eye-catching design for your website. 

We work with a dedicated team made of professionals in their fields in order to offer complete services that revolve around the needs of clients. We can offer fresh perspectives on existing websites for those interested in updating and giving their sites a new and modern look. All you have to do is reach out and discuss with one of our web designers in London about your ideas and the ways they can be integrated into your website.

You can also rely on us on marketing services, as websites also need the touch of online marketing specialists for the creation of engaging content on various channels. For example, we can create engaging copy and content for the website, but we can also help you with paid advertising campaigns on search engines and social media channels for a complete experience. In order to strengthen your position on the market, we also offer logo creation services if you want to have your own brand.

The most common web development language is HTML which stands at the base of the creation of all types of websites. However, JavaScript and CSS have become reliable alternatives in the last few years, and choosing the programming language will depend entirely on the type of website you want created.
The creation of a website could be divided into the following stages:

  • the creation of an outline based on the client’s idea;
  • the web development stage;
  • the web design stage;
  • the testing and releasing stages.

This is the simplest way of putting together the steps for the creation of a website, however, there is a lot of work behind them and when choosing a web design agency to work in London, you should ask for detailed information on each of these steps.

If you are interested in web development and web design services in London, you can discuss with our specialists in each department in order to get an accurate picture of how your website will be created.

All you need to do is to reach out to our specialists in London and tell them your ideas and how you want to promote them.  We also have skilled app developers on our team.

To ensure success, our application developers possess a range of soft skills, such as technical expertise in order to thrive in their professions. They also have advanced programming abilities and a working knowledge of several distinct coding languages. Our app developers in London are also able to interpret consumer requirements and incorporate them into the mobile applications they produce.

Types of websites we can help you create

Many of our clients did not know about the various websites they can have created, but most importantly about the fact that the type of website they decide for can not only respond to their needs but can also help them grow an existing business or can lead to the creation of one.

While most people think about e-commerce websites, which is true that are widespread, there also websites that can provide information about a company, websites that can promote specific services and products, blog-type websites, and many more.

This is why when you have in mind the creation of a website, you can consult with us about the type of website we can develop and design for you.

It is useful to know that you will only need to give us the direction of your business so that we can help you build a website that attracts clients.

If we are discussing website types, it is also useful to know that functionality is one of the most important aspects to consider when having one created. Our web developers in London can create not only functional but also user-friendly and responsive websites. These two functionalities will reduce the waiting time when accessing the website and an intuitive layout for clients or users to find the required information when first laying eyes on your website.

All our web development services will be personalized in accordance with the clients’ needs and requests, ulterior modifications being available at their request.

E-commerce website creation in London

One of the most sought services is related to the creation of e-commerce websites, as the world changes and people feel more and more confident about online shopping. The UK is home to numerous online businesses with good results worldwide as the quality of local products is renowned. If you are interested in having an e-commerce website created, we could be your go-to London-based agency.

The creation of an e-commerce website is slightly different from that of a corporate or personal or blog-associated site. In the creation of a site for an online business, we will consider some of the most popular platforms through which you can sell your products. Our web designers in London will also install all necessary plug-ins and add various elements such as online payment solutions, as well as integrate basic and advanced functions that will attract clients.

One of the most popular platforms for the creation of a website is WordPress and we can use it to create your e-commerce company.

Our web design services in London target the creation of e-commerce websites for traditional stores that want to move their operations online or the building of websites for brand new companies seeking to launch their operation directly on the Internet.

When having an e-commerce website created, we will get you involved in every step of the process by presenting the layout of the future website and by taking you through the entire journey of the creation of your online business.

Our web design company in London is made of professionals in their fields, however, they will work together in providing tailored solutions.

Your e-commerce website can be linked to an application that will extend your services to mobile phone users, as their number is quite high in the UK. We also have a dedicated team of app developers who can help you reach as many customers as possible with the help of designated mobile applications.

No matter the type of website you want to have created, all you need to do is present your idea to our web developers and designers who will work together for turning your idea into reality.

Another important aspect to consider is that your website will not be launched before being properly tested in order to make sure everything will run smoothly.

The most popular programming languages used in web development

The creation of a website has two important phases: web design and web development. While the design of the website will be conceived first, web development is a little bit more complicated because of the technical details that need to be established. One of these details implies choosing the programming language.

The most popular programming languages are:

  • Java and JavaScript;
  • Python;
  • Cascading Style Sheets or CSS;
  • HTML;
  • PHP;
  • C++;
  • Ruby.

The number of programming languages is larger, however, these include some of the most important characteristics that need to respond to the needs of a website. Our web developers in London will decide on the programming language based on the type of website and the functions it needs to include. Moreover, the number of website owners want their sites to be uploaded on a specific platform, one of the most popular at the moment being WordPress. In this case, not all programming languages can be paired with this platform.

Our web design agency in London will present the programming languages that will best suit their requests.

Website creation services based on the main attributes of sites

Many of us know that must have a fast loading speed, as this is one of the most important characteristics of a website, however, that is not enough. The appearance of the website is equally important and when combined with well-organized sections and appealing content, it will give the user-friendly attribute. Then, a website needs to be responsive, and this is where the programming language will play an important role.

The creation of a website implies not a lot of work, as the tools available today ease that task, but it does need a lot of attention to details which is what makes the difference between the services of professionals and those of unqualified people.

Website development stages

Creating a website requires careful planning and a lot of work from the first stages which include researching and understanding the main purpose of the site. The goals of the client are just as important, as they will be reflected on the website and the number of customers it will attract once it is online.

Our web developers in London will have some questions for the client based on which the best strategy for the creation of the website will be made. Also, determining the type of website to develop is of key importance from the first stages, as corporate sites will look different from e-commerce ones, for example. This is one of the main reasons why our web design agency in London works with professionals in various fields in order to provide clients with the products they need.

Once all the details have been set in place, the sitemap and wireframe will be created and following these, the web developers will be able to start building the website. The sitemap will also help the client understand the structure of the future website, this way he or she will be able to suggest changes that can be implemented during the design phase without delaying or needing to intervene along the way. In certain cases, this can even speed up the development process of the website.

The planning stage can take a few days to complete in order to avoid problems or unexpected dysfunctionalities that could prevent finishing the site on time. The first stages in the creation of a website are of key importance as will give the client the first ideas on how the website will look like.

All your questions on how to create a website that responds to your needs, but most importantly, to your future customers’ requests can be answered thoroughly by our web designers and developers in London.

The web design stages 

It isn’t until the web design stage begins that the site starts to take shape. The images, photos, and videos are created in order to be displayed on the pages. These are usually gathered in the first stage and our web designers can offer some ideas, but they will mainly rely on the desires of the client.

Also, the website layout which will roughly present how the site will look will be shown to the client. This is also the stage during which certain changes can still be made without delaying the entire process.

During the design of the website, our specialists will work by keeping in mind the main target audience in order to make it appealing to the end customer.

The layout will usually contain the following:

  • the structure of the site;
  • how the content will be placed;
  • the colors;
  • the logo;
  • the images.

These can be put together for the client to see how the site will come together and make the necessary changes in time.

For more information on our web design services in the UK, you can discuss it with our designers.

Coding – an important step in website design in London

The creation of a website relies on coding which is the language used for its actual representation. The code used in the development of a site is crucial because it will determine the search engines it will work on it, but importantly, will help the site to work properly and display correctly.

During this stage, the website will actually start to take shape, as all graphic elements are put together. The homepage is created first, followed by the creation of the sub-pages. These will usually follow the sitemap created earlier and will help the programmers complete all the necessary steps for a functional website.

The programmers will also install the frameworks and content management system (CMS) in order to make sure that the site can be correctly installed on the server.

The next stage is creating the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. This must be implemented from the creation of the first pages and will imply the optimization of all elements on the website (page titles, descriptions, keywords) that will help the site rank on search engines. However, it should be noted that these rankings must be high in order to reach as many customers as possible.

We remind clients that we also offer SEO and other related services.

Testing and launching the website

At last, after the last touches are completed, the new website can enter the testing phase which will take around one or two weeks in order to make sure all functions work properly. At this stage, the client can also review it and let us know if any other changes are required.

The creation of a website is quite complex and even if nowadays there are many programs than ease the work of programmers and web developers and designers, these do not replace their work entirely.

Website maintenance services in London

The maintenance of the website is rarely a thing business owners think of. However, having a website up and running is merely the beginning of the work, as no matter how simple that site is, it will require periodic checkups and optimization. This is why we offer maintenance services to all the websites we create. Our web agency in London is used to offering start-to-end services so that when you need something you can find it with us.

Apart from our web design and web development services, you can rely on us for other relevant operations associated with the creation and maintenance of a website. Among these, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will help your site appear on top positions on search engines such as Google, Social Media Marketing (SMM) which implies linking the website to various Social Media channels, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which uses paid advertising to promote your business.

Mobile app development services in London

As you have already seen, mobile phones are very close to replacing laptops and desktops, which is why mobile app development is the latest trend when it comes to online promotion. 

If you want to increase the visibility of your website, a mobile app could be exactly what you need. A mobile app will concentrate all your services or products into an application that will be user-friendly, easy to access, and fast. Our app developers in London can definitely build any type of mobile app for any business sector. 

Mobile applications are a great help not only for you as a business owner, but also for clients who will have easier access to the services of products you sell. The creation of a mobile app is not useful for e-commerce businesses only, but also for service providers, which is why you should not limit yourself to a simple website.

Our specialists can create various types of mobile-friendly applications that integrate or mirror the functions offered on a website, thus keeping clients who are already familiarized with the site engaged. However, if you decide to have a new face for your app, we can also accommodate this.

Having a mobile version of a website is definitely one of the newest goals of business owners, as many internet users rely on phones or tablets for entering sites and completing various actions. Our web developers in London can create a mobile version of your website, or simply optimize the existing one in order to help you increase the ranking on search engines.

Our web designers in London can optimize the appearance of your website for mobile phones and tablets in order for your clients to have a great experience.  Also, if you have any other questions on the creation of a website, do not hesitate to talk to our specialists.

mobile app is no longer a whim, as it used to be in the past, which is why we recommend you ask our developers about our mobile app development services in London. 

Dedicated app development services in London

If you already have a website and are ready to go to the next stage, we invite you to use our app development services in London. Even if most of the time, apps are used by e-commerce companies, you can use an app no matter the services you offer to the UK and foreign clients.

An application can help you increase your business by reaching and attracting new clients while existing clients can obtain extra benefits. Considering most people in the UK use their mobile phones to search the internet, a mobile app can be what you need in order to grow your business.

In the same sphere of mobile app development, we are glad to let you know that if you need mobile website development services, we are here for you with personalized services, no matter if you have a website and simply want it optimized, or if you want to have a new website created which answers all your needs.

Online marketing solutions for your business

As mentioned in the beginning, SEO, SMM, and SEM are the three main services linked to a successful marketing plan. Whether you decide for search engine optimized content that can be achieved through SEO or social media promotion and paid advertising, you can rely on our specialists who can make that happen. 

Because a website cannot function properly without content which helps it rank high on search engines, our team of online marketing specialists can help you in this phase of your project. Dedicated content which respects all the regulations of search engines such as Google or Firefox, can be offered by our team. We can also help with paid advertising services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in London

The creation of a website is not the only aspect to consider when opening an online business, as this must also be optimized in order to obtain high rankings on search engines. In our desire to offer complete services to clients, we also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions. This will help your website appear on the first pages of search engines like Google, Bing, or Firefox to name some of the most important. Our specialists will make sure to create personalized strategies that will fit the specifics of your website.

You can address to our team for web development services in London, following which we can provide you with tailored SEO solutions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) services

Paid advertising is more and more employed by e-commerce companies seeking to attract greater numbers of clients. This is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and is a field where we can help. Our specialists can create advertising campaigns running within your established budget.

Another way of promoting a business is by creating a powerful Social Media image. This takes a lot of time, however, it can also help you create a strong community around your business. It is definitely worth investing in Social Media Marketing as a promotion tool, and if you are interested in such services, our consultants are at your disposal with detailed information on how we can help you.

Our web design agency in London can provide you with specific services that will fit your exact requirements.

Logo creation services in the UK

Because we have mentioned the creation of a strong image, a logo is very important when creating the image of your company. In our effort of providing complete solutions to business owners, we have also developed logo and corporate branding services that will help have your business recognized by clients and attract new customers.

Our logo creation solutions refer to the development of a logo that represents your company and its values. The great advantage of having a logo created is the possibility of having it registered as a trademark and thus increasing the value of the goods or services you provide.

You can discuss with the specialists in our web design company in London on how to create a strong corporate image.

Why choose the services of a web design agency in London?

This is a question we often get, especially since there are plenty of free services and platforms one can use. Among these, WordPress websites are extremely popular among UK users. It is true, creating a website by oneself is definitely possible, however, this can be achieved for personal use most of the time. Those seeking to have professional websites for corporate use, for example, will need the services of a web design company in London. Here is why:

  1. an expert eye will tell you from the very beginning the type of website you need;
  2. all web development (coding and layout) and web design stages are completed in a timely manner;
  3. our web design agency will meet your deadline and requests if such term and requests are required;
  4. you will be consulted during each phase of the project and you can add or remove anything you consider suitable;
  5. the website will not be launched until it is tested for a few days and verified for bugs;

The benefit of having someone to work for your business without you having to supervise them all the time could also be an advantage of choosing to work with our professionals.

If you are looking for web development services in London, look no more and get in touch with us for an offer.

Why choose our web development services in London?

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools available for people and companies worldwide. While persons use it to research, purchase, and keep in contact with friends and families, for companies the Internet represents the best way of reaching customers and clients in all the corners of the world. However, in order to do that, companies will need to work on the websites through which their messages are sent to existing clients, but most of all to potential ones. The best way to do that is by hiring a web development company that handles the whole website creation, implementation, maintenance, and promotion processes.

The UK is one of the most important economies in the world and many companies operating in the most successful, but also innovative domains, reach customers all over the world on a daily basis. For those who haven’t chosen a specialized company to work with, our web design company in London has all the services one needs for the creation of their websites and the promotion of their businesses.

If you want to run a modern business, a website is mandatory. If you want more clients, a website becomes mandatory again. 

Why should you choose our web development and design services in London? Here are a few reasons why: 

  • because they will be tailored in accordance with your needs and the message you want to convey; 
  •  because such services are no longer expensive, as a matter of fact, they have become more than accessible in the last few years; 
  •  because we rely on a team of certified personnel in each field of the web development sector, so you will only deal with professionals; 
  •  because we offer complete services, so you don’t have to request the services of other agencies; 
  •  because we have extensive experience in all the fields mentioned above. 

Here is a video on our services:

Internet usage statistics

According to recent statistics, Internet usage at a global level:

  • in January 2019, there were approximately 4,4 billion internet users at a global level;
  • these 4,4 billion users represent approximately 57% of the population of the world;
  • by 2021, global e-commerce sales are expected to grow to 4.88 trillion USD;
  • in January 2019, the UK had a 95% internet penetration rate.

FAQ on web development and design in London

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on our web design and development services in London:

1. How long does it take to create a website?

There is no standard timeframe for the creation of a website, as each client has his/her own requests on which the development and design phases depend on. Generally speaking, the average time is around one month for complex sites.

2. How much does it cost to have a website created?

The entire cost of a website will depend on its complexity, however, a price can be forwarded once our web developers take a look at your project.

3. Can I use your services to redesign my website?

Yes, we can also help you with various services that offer a new look to your existing website. We can help you make simple or more complex changes to your site, in accordance with your requests.

4. What are the languages you use for website creation?

We have specialists in various programming languages, so if you want your website running on a specific one, we can help you.

5. Can you also create a mobile version of my website?

Yes, we can also provide mobile web design services in the UK.

6. Do you also create mobile apps?

Yes, we also provide app development services.

7. Can you create an e-commerce website with an application?

Yes, we can also create e-commerce sites with dedicated apps in order to be launched at the same time.

You can rely on our professionals for personalized web development services in London, so do not hesitate to
 contact us.