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Magento Agency in London

Magento Agency in London

Magento is one of the largest and most important e-commerce platforms in the world. As online sales have increased at a very fast pace, the number of internet-based shopping stores has flourished in the past few years.

Our Magento agency in London is at the service of all UK clients who want to launch their own online stores with tailored services. Our Magento developer in London can help you have your own e-commerce site in the shortest time possible and enjoy all the benefits of running an online shop.

Magento development in London

Having a business in the heart of UK is no longer a strenuous job if you decide to launch an online store. For this, you will need to have a website created and a domain name purchased to start with. Then choose the platform on which the site will operate. For e-commerce companies, special platforms are recommended as these must integrate various functions. For this purpose, you can use Magento web design services that come with various advantages.

We have a specialized Magento developer who has worked with numerous clients and has the required experience to handle all your requests. If you are interested in web design and development services in London, no matter if for a corporate or e-commerce site, you can rely on our Magento agency.

Our Magento agency in London can assist with the creation of platforms for small and large online shops that want to sell goods in the UK or at an international level.

You can also rely on our app developers in London if you want to have a web application created. The general idea is that this seldom used, however, this is not entirely true. Web apps are usually employed by companies interested in having their own management solutions, which is why they can often be quite complex.

How can a Magento agency help?

Even if it may seem that having an online shop is not complicated, especially from a logistics point of view, when it comes to running a website for this purpose implies meeting specific requirements. This is why you can use the services of a specialized Magento agency in London that:

  • has specialists who can create the type of site you need;
  • can understand the needs of online shoppers and who can put these needs into practice;
  • can personalize your online shop to your desires.

With the help of Magento web design services, your site will be up in the shortest time possible.

Our Magento developer in London will:

  1. help you choose the appropriate template and theme for your website;
  2. work around the color schemes and fonts for a visually optimized site;
  3. enable all the addons an e-commerce site needs and which imply the shopping cart, product pages, and their descriptions;
  4. organize the online shop in an easy-to-navigate website.

An e-commerce business requires a lot of attention, which is why we recommend using the services provided by our Magento development in London.

Customized Magento web design for your website

Having a website is simple, however, having a competitive e-commerce company is harder because of the large number of businesses that are already on the market. This is why, if you are considering offering a unique shopping experience to your future clients, you can use the services provided by our Magento agency in London.

Our Magento developer in London will create a platform that encompasses the latest features an e-commerce site can use. From virtual dressing rooms, if you want to sell clothes to customized shopping experiences based on the clients’ previous choices, we can help you put your customers at the center of your business.

We also recommend linking your online store to a mobile app. Our Magento agency in London can help you with such services.

 E-commerce statistics

According to the data gathered by Statista.com:

  • in 2020, there were more than 2 billion people buying goods online at a worldwide level;
  • in 2021, 70% of worldwide e-commerce sites were accessed from smartphones;
  • in the past two years, global online sales grew by more than 25%.

If you are interested in launching an e-commerce business, contact our Magento agency in London for specialized web design and development services.