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Web Development London

Web Development London

The divisions of web development

Web development has two main divisions – the first one is called front-end development, which refers to the creation of an actual site as per the request of the client, while the second one is called back-end development and it implies the development of the site for the server on which it will be put. In our web development team in London, we work with both front-end and back-end developers in order to successfully meet the needs of our clients.

Our front-end developers will “build” websites for the users to see it when accessing the search engine. They will also create the design and the pages where the content will be uploaded, while the back-end developers will create and control what happens behind the interface accessed by users. Back-end developers will usually create the database the front-end will use to create the website.

Web development implies the use of various codes, among which three are used worldwide. These are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Web development is quite complex even if many persons consider that the actual creation of a website is simple. This is why we work with complex teams of web developers and web designers in order to offer complete services to our clients.

You can also rely on our app developers in London if you want to have an application created for your website or your business in the UK. If you need related services, we can recommend our partners in Romania

What does it imply to have a website developed?

The development of a website implies several steps. Our web developers in London define these steps as:

  1. a first discussion with the future website owner in which the layout of the website will be created;
  2. choosing the coding language for the website (this process will be decided by our web developers in London);
  3. acquiring information on the purpose, goal, and audience targeted by the future website owner;
  4. planning the sitemap and the wireframe of the website (the client will be involved in the creation of the sitemap);
  5. creating the website layout on which the designers and writers will upload the content;
  6. coding – this is the last phase of web development, according to our specialists in London;
  7. testing – no product exists our web development agency without being tested first;
  8. delivery – once every aspect of the functionality of the website has been tested, the website will be delivered to the client.

As you can read, the creation of the layout and the content which will appear on the website will be added before the web developers finish their job, which is why our services also include web design in London.

In order for our clients to enjoy the final product, our team of web developers and designers in London will work together for the fast creation of your website.

Registering a domain name

Before starting the web development process, our specialists recommend clients to decide on the name and register the domain with an accredited registrar. This will be the first step in creating the identity of the business, therefore of the website to represent the UK company. Later, after the website is up and running, we will be able to help you create a logo for the company. The logo can also take a digital form and can be integrated on the website.

We offer tailored corporate branding and logo creation services meant to help companies in the UK create their unique and easy to recognize identity.

Apart from our web development services, you can also rely on us for content creation by using the latest SEO techniques.

Web development has many advantages, as can be seen in the scheme below:

Web Development

Web development services in London

With years of experience behind, our London-based web development agency can handle even the most pretentious requests of clients. We are a team of specialists whose main goal is to deliver fully functional websites to clients operating in every industry.

Our web development services in London are tailored to every client’s needs, meaning there won’t be two websites looking the same. You can discuss with our web developers about what you are expecting from your future website, who or what you target and the budget limit you have set.

Here is what to expect if you decide to work with us and choose our web development services in London:

  • fast response to any questions related to the creation of a website, also your questions will be answered in order for you to completely understand them;
  • continuous update on the progress made during the development of your website;
  • thorough research and competent solutions which match your business needs and your target audience;
  • tailored services at affordable prices, as well as adjacent services related to the maintenance of your website;
  • a fully operational website once it is developed (the site will first be tested and checked for any errors before being delivered).

Our web development services in London are based on modern technology and use the latest applications in the fields. You will be able to integrate all sorts of applications and functions to your website.

Maintenance is another service you will need for your website and this is included in the long list of services provided by our web design company in London.

To answer one of the most frequent questions which are related to how long it takes to develop and design a website, we can say that it takes about 4 weeks to have an up and running website with our company in London.

Creating the layout of the website

There are four important parts that need to be designed and then developed when creating a website. These are:

  • the header;
  • the content section;
  • the sidebar;
  • the footer.

These need to be designed in a way that shows the structure of the website and only after, the web development process will begin. Our web designers in London will present their ideas to clients and only then start working around it.

After the design of the website is created, the technical details of the website are established. Among these, the width and resolution will be optimized so that they fit any screen size, followed by the creation of each section mentioned above.

For good user experience, we can also provide mobile web development which can be doubled by app creation services.

An important aspect to take into account during the creation of a website is that in some case the development process can be more complex. As a matter of fact, the more elements the site needs, the more complex the work on it will be. This is why we encourage clients to let us know from the beginning all their ideas so we can match them and create the websites they need.

Front-end and back-end website development in London

Everyone has heard about front-end and back-end developers especially in job sections on the internet, however, in website creation their roles are pretty important. For clients, the use of front-end and/or back-end developers will be reflected in the cost of the website which is why we will explain what these developers do.
Front-end developers will create each page of the website based on the layout provided by the web designers. These developers will be in charge of bringing to life the structure of the website by integrating the graphics and the initial content. Once the website is ready, front-end developers will also take care of the User Interface and User Experience.

Back-end developers will have a major role in the process behind the display of the website. Their main tasks will be to write codes, to make sure the website works and will be in charge of the creation of a database of information.

We offer tailored web development services for clients based in London and the UK so that their traditional businesses are completed by matching websites.

The differences between web developers and web designers

Most of the time, people consider they only need a web designer to have a website created for their business. However, things are a little more complicated than this, as the web designers will only handle the part of the actual graphics of the website, while the creation of the architecture of the website and interface the users see is completed by the developers.

If you decide to use our web development services in London, you will discuss with both our web developers and designers in order to benefit from the expertise of all our colleagues who can help you have a professional website for your business in the UK.

Types of websites our web developers in London can create

With the help of our web development services in London, you can have a wide array of websites created. Among these, e-commerce platforms which can include the latest features, presentation websites, corporate websites, and even blogs. We address all types of clients, no matter the complexity of the websites they want to have developed, considering the UK market is quite demanding. This is one of the reasons why our web design agency in London tries to meet all these demands.

Among our web development services in London, you can benefit from WordPress and Magento web development services, which are two of the most popular platforms for websites in the world. These are also SEO-friendly and customizable, so any request can be handled by our team in the shortest time possible.

You can also rely on us for mobile web design services, as our web design company in London can handle such increasing requests.

The process of web development

Web development is not a strenuous process, however, once the information from the client has been obtained, a vision of the website needs to be created in order to know where to start. Then, the structure and features of the website will be defined. The client will be presented with a guideline and will always be informed about the web development stages. Once the website has been developed, our web designers will create the graphics of the site and give the final shape of the client’s desires.

With the help of our web design agency in London, you can have a professional website in a matter of weeks.

Website development timeframes and costs

Two of the stringent aspects most clients ask about are related to how soon the website can be created and how much it will cost. While on the second issue we can give the client an approximate cost of the entire project, on the first one there are various aspects to consider. Speaking about the cost, clients should also consider the maintenance costs after the web is functional.

The timeframe for delivering a website is established by our web developers and communicated to the client, however, the average time for creating a site is 4 weeks. When the project is more complex and requires the use of a larger team, the timeline can be extended. Also, clients should know that we don’t deploy a website before testing it first.

Our web development team in London is made of specialists in various programming languages so that we can cover the needs of all types of clients.

Why choose our web development services?

There are many web design agencies in London and choosing a good one can be difficult. What differentiates us are the multitude of services we offer and the broad range of specialists that provide them. For every service we provide, we have dedicated teams of web designers, web developers, SEO and SEM specialists in order to cover all the needs our clients need.

You can choose one or several of our services so that you don’t have to look for other agencies to complete a work already started. With the help of designers and developers, our web design company in London is ready to take on any challenge and transform it into reality.

You can also watch our video on web development in London:

How long does it take to develop a website?

The web development process is not very complicated when working with a team that knows how to do its job, however, the timeframe for creating a website depends on the complexity of the site. The functionalities, the features, the number of pages are just a few of the aspects which influence the timeframe for developing a website. Generally, a website can be developed and designed within one month because we also run various tests in order to provide our clients with ready-to-use and responsive websites.

According to UK Webhost Review:

  • 75% of clients and customers base their reliability on a business based on its website;
  • 53% of mobile website users will leave a site if it does not load in 3 seconds;
  • 41% of users prefer simply designed websites, while 59% prefer well-crafted sites;
  • a business has on average 10 seconds to impress visitors with its website;
  • 86% of users enter websites looking for information on products and services.

Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized web development and design services in London.