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NET Development in London

NET Development in London

There are various programming languages specialists can work with, and one of the best known is .NET development. Created by Microsoft and used on the Windows operating system makes it accessible to all developers thanks to the fact that it can integrate other languages.

Our web development agency in London uses various programs to create web and mobile applications for companies. We also work with .net in order to meet all our clients’ demands and expectations. Below, we invite you to discover what we can do with this programming language.

Advantages of .NET development

Web and app development systems can be proprietary or open-source, with the main reference that the latter can be used freely, which is also the case of .NET development. When released in 2002, .NET was a proprietary platform to which more than 3,700 companies have contributed. Now, it counts no less than 60,000 open-source software developers who have added their work to this program’s library.

There are many .NET developers in London, and we work with our own specialists to offer full services to our clients. Our agency can create websites and applications for all types of companies.

.NET development you can obtain with us

Our web design agency in London can provide the following .NET development solutions:

  • app creation services that can be operated on Windows, but also on other operating systems;
  • native mobile applications for Windows, Android and iOS;
  • desktop apps;
  • cloud development solutions.

Any of these can be created by our specialists as soon as we gather all information about your business and your expectations from the respective program.

You can also rely on our app developers in London if you want to have an iOS app created. Targeting users who prefer this operating system is definitely a plus, as your business will be able to meet more of their demands. Apart from this, iOS is one of the most stable and appreciated ecosystems, which makes it a great place for companies to develop.

You can also rely on us for web design services in London.

The main components of the .NET language

The conventional programming language for creating Windows apps and online services is called .NET foundation. It is still commonly used and has been for a long time. Its main features include:

  • .NET Core, which is a contemporary, cross-platform framework created to support the development of Linux, macOS, and Windows applications (NET Core is the replacement for the.NET Framework);
  • ASP .NET, which is a .NET web development platform for building dynamic, interactive websites and application programming interfaces;
  • Entity Framework, which is an effective Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool that makes database interactions simpler and speeds up the development of applications.

The main language used in .NET development is C#, which is an excellent option used by our web developers in London because of its ease of use and great versatility.

A programming language that can be used with a wide variety of tools

Another advantage of .NET development is that it can be used by specialists who can work with various tools. This makes the program easy to use without consuming too many resources. For example, it can be used with Visual Studio, one of the most versatile tools when it comes to web and app development.

Apart from this, Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment that can be used for the creation of websites and applications that be run on most operating systems, including Linux.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an offer.

Our web design company in London is at your disposal with web and app creation solutions, including for e-commerce companies.

Platforms running under the .NET umbrella

As mentioned at the beginning of the articles, .NET development has evolved into an open-source programming language with numerous contributors, which has to the creation of several other platforms deriving from it. Among them, the most employed are:

  • .Net Compact Framework which can be used for the development of apps for smartphones;
  • .NET Core which can be used on the Universal Windows Platform and works well for cloud-based services;
  • Silverlight can be used for internet-based applications, and has the main advantage in the fact that it can be used as a plugin;
  • Xamarin/Mono can be used on most mobile operating systems.

.NET development can also be used to create e-commerce platforms, content management systems (CMS), as well as for website design in London.

Programs that work with the .NET development framework

To increase productivity when working with .NET framework or its applications, our .NET developers in London have a few tools handy. Among these, Visual Studio for Windows, which is the most complete integrated development environment available, and can be used for creating websites, web apps, and web services.

The .NET framework also supports other tools. All of them used by developers to create software are compatible with it. Debuggers, compilers, and profilers are a few examples of these tools. These .NET programs have the power to simplify and ease the work of developers.

If you want to have a website or app created by our web development agency in London, do not hesitate to contact us.

Creating apps with the .NET framework

One of the best things about app development in the.NET framework is that developers can take advantage of the portability of the.NET environment. This indicates that the .NET program compiles and produces intermediate, independent code when the source code is written in a compliant language. Microsoft Intermediate Language was the original name for this kind of code portability (MSIL). Now, it is called Common Intermediate Language (CIL).

.NET can also be used to create mobile apps not only for Windows but also for Android and iOS. However, this requires using additional programs. With its help, our app developers:

  • make sure the software has been thoroughly tested and satisfies all requirements before releasing it;
  • create bundles with all required resources and files for the iOS and Android operating systems;
  • can send the application to the appropriate app stores, adhering to submission policies and procedures.

After creation, you will be able to track user engagement, and app performance, and find opportunities for development by keeping an eye on app analytics. You will also obtain information and make the required improvements, paying attention to user reviews, ratings, and comments.

.NET is a very secure programming language

Data security is one of the most important aspects our web and app developers in London care about to deliver sites or applications that are completely safe to use. This is one of the main features of the .NET programming language.

Our web design company in London relies on code, user identity, and permission checks, that enable our .NET developers to control the system. This is a sign that the.NET framework has extremely high-security mechanisms. Additionally, this framework provides excellent support for Windows accounts.

Web application creation has become easier with the .NET framework since files may be copied or deleted to install or remove Windows-based applications.

Internet user statistics

As technology continues to develop, the number of internet users is also expected to grow, as information collected by Statista.com indicates that:

  • in 2019 was registered the fastest internet usage rate with 300 million new users;
  • between 2018 and 2023 the annual internet usage growth rate was 6%;
  • by 2023, the total number of internet users is projected to reach 5.3 billion at a global level.

For more information on our .NET development services in London, please contact us.