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Why Start an E-commerce Website in London?

Why Start an E-commerce Website in London?

The number of e-commerce companies has exploded in the last few years not only in the UK but all over the world. The possibility of offering goods and services in more countries and increasing a business’ revenue at a click distance is very tempting for many company owners and this is one of the best reasons for starting an e-commerce business.

We want to come to the help of those in need of e-commerce website design services in London with personalized packages that enable them to choose what fits their needs best. This is why we invite you to read below how we can help you have an e-commerce website for your existing or soon-to-be company in the UK. Our web design agency in London also offers complete web development and design services.

Creating an online business

Starting an online business in London which is one of the most competitive cities in the world when it comes to the sale of products must be quite unique. On one side, this will translate into the goods you will sell, and on the other, on the appearance of the website which must be appealing and just as unique as your ideas.

When a business has been established and has a database of reliable clientele, it is easier to have an e-commerce site created and the company moved partially or totally on the Internet, however, when it comes to new enterprises, our web designers and developers in London will do their best to catch the eye of customers right from the beginning with simple, yet appealing designs which meet the latest trends in matters of e-commerce.

 Quick Facts  
 Options to launch an online shop

– one’s own website;

– using an e-commerce platform;

– online app. 

 Special requirements for a proprietary website

The website must integrate the same features such as dedicated platforms offer. 

 Available e-commerce platforms

– Magento,

– Shopify,

– WooCommerce,

– PrestaShop, etc. 

 Features of an e-commerce site

– shopping cart;

– product catalogs;

– possibility to create an account, etc. 

 Possibility to integrate payment service (YES/NO)

Yes, an e-commerce business can have an online payment service. 

 Possibility to link the online to an app

 Yes, it is recommended to link an online shop to a dedicated app.

 Availability of website design services

 Yes, if you decide on your own site, we can help you design it.

 Availability of e-commerce site creation through a dedicated platform (YES/NO)

Yes, if you decide to use a specialized platform, we can help with that too. 

 App creation services availability (YES/NO)

Yes, no matter if you want an independent app or one linked to an online shop. 

 Ways to differentiate an online store from the competition

– integration of new/innovative features;

– offering personalized experience for users;

– clean and simple design, etc. 

 Duration to create an e-commerce business

 The duration depends on the chosen service and its complexity.

 Consulting services related to creating online stores (YES/NO)


 Advantages of online stores

– access to worldwide clients;

– easy to manage;

– they can be tailored to any business, etc. 

 Support in creating e-commerce website (YES/NO)

 Yes, we offer e-commerce business creation services

 Maintenance costs of an e-commerce platform The maintenance costs of an online store are lower than those of a traditional one. 

 Availability of user-friendly design (YES/NO)

 Yes, our websites are designed in a user-friendly manner.

 Possibility to use an e-commerce platform for a drop shipping business (YES/NO)


 Possibility to link an online store to a marketplace (YES/NO)  Yes, it is possible to use a marketplace to promote your business.
Option to include a blog section (YES/NO) 

Yes, a blog can also be included in an e-commerce platform. 

 Possibility to optimize an e-commerce platform (YES/NO)

 Yes, SEO techniques can also be used on such websites.

 Possibility to link the shop to other social media platforms (YES/NO)


 Availability of email marketing options (YES/NO)

Yes, based on clients’ subscriptions, you can use their email addresses to send them personalized offers. 

 Availability of catalog management options (YES/NO)

 Yes, we can create catalog management sections.

 Brand management features (YES/NO)  Yes, you can have products arranged by brand name.
 Possibility to create product categories (YES/NO)


 Possibility to integrate comment sections (YES/NO)

Yes, a comment section can be introduced in an e-commerce platform. 

 Possibility to create a rating section

 Yes, it is also possible to enable a rating section.

 Requirement to work with a web design agency to manage the platform (YES/NO)

While it is possible to operate the platform yourself, it is recommended to use specialized services. 

 Other features recommended for an e-commerce site

– search and filter section,

– video section,

– multiple payment and shipping options

One of the most important aspects when creating an e-commerce site is that research must come from both ends: the first one will be our client who must know exactly the market the business addresses and the type of clients he or she wants to attract, as well as the competition, but most of all the strengths of the company in order for our web design agency in London to create unique features of the website. Then, on our end, our designers will come with at least two proposals that will reflect the ideas of the business.

Niche products will always have an advantage over goods that are regularly found on the market, and this where our website designers and developers will intervene by enabling the newest features used in the online commerce sector. For businesses selling clothes or makeup products, for example, we can create virtual dressing rooms, respectively, apps that can be used to see how the product will look on the buyer.

If you need a web application to be developed, you may rely on our app developers in London. The prevalent perception is that this is not frequently used, but this is not totally accurate. Web apps can frequently be fairly complicated because they are typically used by businesses interested in developing their own management solutions.

What are the most important reasons for having an e-commerce website?

It is true that companies can function, sell goods or products, or complete any type of activity without a website. That becomes less true when it comes to retail business for which the launch of a website to help it increase its incomes is of key importance.

Through our e-commerce web design services in London we want to help all business owners increase their profits by offering them tailored solutions that help them during the start-up phase of their online business, or during the expansion of such a business.

In order to convince you, here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider having an e-commerce website created:

  1. access to a global market, and by that we mean countries around the world, irrespective of the time zone and distance;
  2. increased convenience for clients – customers are pressed by time, so anything that helps them resolve or complete a purchase simple and fast is to your benefit and theirs;
  3. lower logistics expenses – selling goods online implies no more renting spaces for large offices, storage rooms, and lower utility bills;
  4. less complex employment requirements as you will need just a few employees in order to run an online shop;
  5. more operating hours – you can sell goods online at any time of the day and during any day of the week.

These are just a few practical reasons why you should decide on an e-commerce website for your company. With our dedicated e-commerce website design services in London, your online business will also have a professional appearance in front of customers.

If you want, we can create a dedicated app that offers increased accessibility to clients. We have a dedicated team of app developers in London for such services.

How to create an e-commerce website

The creation of an e-commerce website is no different from the development of any other type of site, with the exception that it must have specific elements that will enable the owner to present the products sold and clients to order and pay online.

The creation of an e-commerce website starts just like for any other type of site with the registration of a domain name, however, the registrant must consider a name that promotes the products sold by the store, or, in the case of brick and mortar businesses, a name linked to the existing company which allows the continuance of the traditional company on the Internet.

Having a presence both offline and online is one of the main reasons to consider for the creation of an e-commerce site in London.

Our web developers and designers in London can propose innovative solutions that represent your business in the online environment, thus helping you attract more clients and increase your income.

Here are the main steps our specialists rely on when creating websites:

  • choosing a specific platform to host the e-commerce site;
  • selecting an appropriate template that enables adding specific buttons, shopping cart, etc.;
  • creating product description pages;
  • creating an appealing homepage, detailed contact page, as well as a terms and conditions page.

E-commerce websites do not require too much-written information, in exchange requiring good photographs and elements that make the purchase experience easy and simple. This is one of the most important aspects when creating a website for an online company.

 The newest technology which is also employed by our specialists allows the creation of virtual dressing booths in case of online clothing stores which is an idea our web designers support entirely, so if you want to increase the number of customers, we can help you.

Any idea you have can be discussed with our web designers and developers in London who will be able to transpose all your ideas into a great-looking e-commerce website. We can also create various types of applications for you.

For each project, clients frequently provide a list of criteria to developers. Our app developers in London are creative thinkers and can solve problems. They are also detail-oriented during the development, testing, and launch phases of an application in order to identify potential functional issues.

Expand existing business through an e-commerce website in London

 UK citizens have a great purchase power, and this affirmation is even truer in London, which is one of the richest cities in Europe, which is why traditional business owners should start considering expanding their companies on the Internet. The creation of an online store can create much-sought opportunities for those who want to sell more, considering the costs associated with the creation of a website are significantly lower compared to the opening of another store in a different part of the city or of the country. Moreover, with the help of a London-based e-commerce store, they will be at the center of the country and from here virtually sell anywhere in the UK or in the world.

Even if apart from the actual creation of the website, additional steps must be completed, such as choosing a good delivery company and even the creation of a presence on Social Media, these are easier to take care of.

If you are in search of a web design agency in London, you can discuss your ideas with our specialists who will be more than glad to turn them into reality.

Associate an app with your e-commerce website in London

Business owners who already have websites or those who are in the process of having them created should also consider the creation of dedicated applications that will attract more clients, especially among the young ones, and make the purchase experience simpler.

Mobile apps are one of the hottest trends among UK customers, which is why you should consider the creation of such an application that mirrors the features of the e-commerce website.

We are here to provide dedicated mobile app development services in London if you plan on trying this way of reaching customers.

E-commerce – a trend in changing times

With the pandemic and all the consequences it had on our lives, online stores have become of the most important segments in the retail sector, as many people turn to this option when it comes to buying not only clothes or electronics but even groceries. This is why, if you have not considered the creation of an e-commerce website for your grocery business, this is the best time to consider the idea and enquire with our web design company in London how you can benefit from what the Internet has to offer.

Trends change all the time, however, the use of the Internet is only increasing, therefore online sales are also bound to register good results in the years to come, so if you want to start or expand a traditional business with the help of an e-commerce website, this is the time to do it.

Why choose the services of a web design agency in London?

So, we have explained why you choose to have an e-commerce website for your UK-based business. However, this website should be created by professional web designers who can provide you with a functional, stable, and responsive website. What does that imply? According to our web developers in London, a website must be functional as it needs to integrate a series of buttons, especially when it comes to an e-commerce website. Among these, a shopping cart is one of the most important addons.

Then, an e-commerce website must be stable in order to ensure traffic which is usually larger than in the case of a regular website. A stable website will lead to increased responsivity which is a requirement when dealing with clients seeking to buy goods as soon as possible.

The effective integration of these functions can only be ensured by professionals who offer dedicated web development and web design services. This is why our e-commerce website design services in London will fit your requests like a glove.

E-commerce website design aspects we consider

From our experience, the design of an e-commerce website must be simple and elegant, but most importantly, it must reflect the personality of the brand. This is why our web designers in London will follow this identity by:

  • integrating visuals that reflect the brand,
  • choose colors that are representative for the company,
  • use styles the present the products clearly.

Then, we will make sure the most important features are displayed above the others. Also, the content, such as product descriptions and photographs must be written in clear fonts, respectively presented at good resolutions in order for the clients not to have to ask for detailed presentations.

As a matter of fact, product description pages is one of the most common mistakes when having an e-commerce business, as they are incomplete or worse, they are absent, which is why we recommend our clients to pay attention to these details and make sure everything is clear, while the user experience is just like that of a traditional store.

Since we mentioned branding, we also offer corporate branding and logo creation services.

When it comes to user experience, it has been noted that pop-up windows are usually dismissed by website visitors, which is why when trying to promote specific information, such as new products or sales, banners are more effective.

Our web developers in London will make sure to integrate the latest trends by respecting your business and your clients when it comes to the creation of your e-commerce website should you choose to work with us.

You can also rely on us for tailored mobile web design services in London. You can also watch our video below:

How should products be displayed on an e-commerce site

Product display is one of the most important and yet difficult tasks when creating an e-commerce website. After years of working with numerous clients, our specialists in web design in London have found that:

  • the products should be categories in order to be found as quickly as possible,
  • a search button is one of the most important and appreciated features in an online store,
  • the possibility of sorting results is just as important, so filters should not be dismissed when creating an e-commerce business,
  • a quick view function will also improve user experience,
  • white backgrounds are usually less tiring for the eye while improving the contrast of the products on the page,
  • in the last years, product videos have also become popular, however, their time should be limited to a few seconds,
  • the design of the shopping cart has also become important,
  • related product displays also play an important role in convincing clients to purchase more items or return for future shopping.

Being consistent with the images of the products is also essential, as it will help customers acknowledge the gods they see displayed on multiple pages. Apart from this, it will give the site a clean and tidy aspect.

All these are taken into account when creating an e-commerce website with the help of our agency in London.

Personalized e-commerce website design services in London

We believe that each company must have its own personality and apart from being able to help with the creation of a logo for your business, we can definitely help you create a personalized e-commerce website for your company. You just need to tell what you want it to look like so we can make that happen.

According to Emarketer.com, one of the most important portals measuring the global e-commerce market, in the UK:

  • physical retail is expected to grow no more than 0.4% by the end of 2019;
  • in comparison, e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 10.9% and reach 106,46 billion GBP by the end of the year;
  • e-commerce will thus represent 22.3% of the total retail sector;
  • mobile e-commerce will represent 58.9% of the entire sector, however, by 2023 this percentage is expected to grow to 71.2%.

For complete e-commerce website design services in London, please contact our web design company.