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App Design Services in London

App Design Services in London

When having a website created, the development of an application often comes with it, especially when running an e-commerce business. In the desire of offering our clients nothing but the best, our web design agency in London has gathered specialists in various fields, among which app developers who can help them promote their businesses on all levels.

Those who need web development and design services can rely on our developers who can provide them with tailored app design services in London.

Below, you can find some useful information about our app design services in London along with some useful tips on how to have a great application attached to your website.

The main stages in app design in London

When you decide to have an app designed, there are various aspects to consider and a discussion with our specialists in London should be on top of your list, as they can help you understand what exactly you need from the respective mobile application and it will also ease their job.

When having an application created, the procedure is more complicated compared to the creation of a website because of the different programming languages. This is why the number of steps related to app design is higher than that of website creation.

Here is how our app designers in London can help you:

  • they will design the application based on the discussion they had with you;
  • they will research to see how good the application will be received by your clients by comparing it to the competition;
  • they will design the business strategy to implement on the mobile application;
  • they will find the best programming languages based on the operating systems you plan on launching it on;
  • budgeting is the last phase before starting the design of the application;
  • designing, testing and launching the application.

Each of these steps has other stages that will need to be completed which is why it is important for you to understand that the design of a mobile application is a complex procedure compared to the creation of a website for a business in the UK.

If you don’t have a website yet, we can also help you with web design services in London for increased performance of both websites and applications.

Our app developers in London can create a wide range of applications for all operating systems. If you target iOS or Android users and need support in delivering great services, you can use our services. We are at your disposal with customized solutions, so that your company will register great results once on the market.

Designing the application – the first step in app development

While most people are used to the idea of app development, it is useful to note that the first step in having a working application is to have it designed. This is why our app developers in London will first discuss with the client in order to find out their ideas about the application. During the initial conversation, our app designers will:

  1. the type of application to be created based on the website it will represent;
  2. the creation of a mobile strategy which should include the customers the application targets;
  3. the features and the content of the application and how customers will interact with it;
  4. if in-app purchases will be permitted or not and the what its other functionalities will be;
  5. mobile web development strategy will also need to be put in place for a successful application to work.

The design of an application for a website, be it a corporate or an e-commerce one also relies on making a website created for desktop computers to work on mobile devices. For this purpose, our app developers will work with the team in our web development department.

You can also rely on us if you need tailored web development services in London.

We invite you to read about our app design services in London in the infographic below:

app developers

Market research when designing an application

There are plenty of studies out there indicating that the number of mobile application users has increased and is still on the rise, which could be sufficient reason for a website owner to ask for an application of their sites. However, when having the application designed and developed, thorough research of the target audience, short-term and medium-term goals the owner seeks, and the features of the app are essential. As mentioned above, a discussion with our app designers in London on these aspects will take place and then, our team will start the actual creation of the application.

The first phase of app design will imply having a prototype created. The prototype will be created by our app developers in London and from there, we can work on it to make it functional.

Our web design agency in London offers personalized services in various areas of web development and design, however, you can also rely on us for Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization solutions for promoting your business.

Technical aspects in app design in London

Even if the design of an application is the first stage in app development, it does involve some technical aspects because, during these first steps towards having a functional application, our developers will also consider aspects like the platforms and operating systems it will work on. Our app design services in London target the creation of applications that work on both Android and iOS and for this, different programming languages must be used. When it comes to choosing the mobile platforms the application will run on, our app designers will also keep in mind things like the average performance of the devices the users and even the battery consumption levels.  Other technical aspects our app designers in London will consider are the support offered to users in case errors occur.

With the help of our app design services in London, owners of UK-based companies can benefit from full support in terms of having user-friendly applications and increasing their visibility on the quickly changing Internet.

We can also help with personalized logo creation services for your mobile application.

Types of mobile applications

Before starting the app design process, you should know that you can choose the type of app you want to have created by our specialists. Among these, we mention the following:

  1. native applications which are created for a specific platform or operating system;
  2. web applications which are actually versions of websites created to work on mobile phone or tablet browsers;
  3. hybrid applications which are a combination of the two app types mentioned above.

Native applications are designed for mobile phone operating systems, so you can have your app created specifically for Android or iOS, the most employed operating systems in the world, however, you will need to consider the design of two different apps you decide for this option. When creating a native app, our designers have several programming languages they can choose from, and among these, we can name Java, C++, Python, and Swift as the most common. However, our team can also use other languages, in accordance with your needs.

Web applications are not that often requested because even if they resemble native apps, they will need to be accessed from the browser of the phone or tablet. This means that they cannot be downloaded or installed. These types of apps are created with the help of website programming languages such as HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript and they are cheaper to design and create.

Hybrid applications are the most employed because they are a mix of native and web apps that provides several advantages. Among these, they are very responsive and performant, home screen icons are available and can also function offline. They are also the easiest and fastest to design.

You can rely on our app designers in London for advice on how to choose the best option for you. You can also benefit from complete web design services in London.

App design services for all operating systems

There are several operating systems (OS) for which dedicated applications can be created, among them, Android and iOS are the most popular among the UK’s population. Considering our app designers in London can create both mobile and desktop apps, when it comes to the last category, Windows is the most popular operating system among computer users.

Our programmers specialize in all languages that can help them create apps for all types of operating systems. If Java is used for the creation of Android apps, Swift is the most employed when it comes to iOS.

Business owners can discuss with our specialists the best strategies to approach when it comes to launching apps for their companies. Based on the information provided, our app designers will be able to come with suitable proposals.

You can also rely on us for other services, such as web design and development if you target expanding a business on a larger scale.

App design services for Android OS

Android is preferred at a global level, as the number of devices that use this operating system is much larger compared to others. Also, being developed by Google, Android is a very stable OS, thus suitable for supporting all types of apps.

If you want to have an Android app designed, you will have the advantage of addressing also the majority of the UK’s population.

Our app design services in London cover various types of services and products that can be promoted through an application. We can create apps for e-commerce companies, for corporations seeking to improve their services, or for other reasons, especially when these are innovative and rely on new ideas.

If you have an idea and don’t know how to turn into a reality with the help of a dedicated application or website, our specialists can help you.

App design services for iOS

While most of the UK population prefers Android, London is full of people who prefer iOS on the devices they use. If you mainly target people in this area of the country, our app design services are for you.

No matter if you use an iPhone or an iPad, our app designers in London can create the type of app you need to address your existing clients and attract new ones.

The creation of an app for iOS is not harder compared to that of an Android app, however, the programs used for its development are different. When it comes to costs, the difference between them will mainly reside in the complexity of the app rather than the operating systems they address.

The creation of apps for Windows

Businesspersons and children use desktop computers and laptops to navigate on the Internet, which is why for them the creation of applications for Windows remains a good idea. You can trust our app designers in London for such services.

You can also rely on us for other services, among which Social Media paid advertising if you want to promote your business on some of the most popular channels of the moment.

Budgeting when choosing app design services in London

Because the budget is of essential importance when having a website or app created, we will also provide some useful information on how to choose to spend your money when asking for app design services in London.

When choosing to have an application created, the budget should be linked to the business’ budget and not treated separately. The decision should be made in accordance with what you expect from the app. The cheapest to design is the web application, however, this one of the least performant, which is why we recommend you consider your options very well. The middle option is the hybrid app which is a balance between the native and the web applications.

Here is what you should consider when having an application created:

  • how fast you want to have the application running;
  • stability and responsivity;
  • loading speed;
  • if you want to include specific features;
  • maintenance costs.

These are the main elements to consider when allocating the budget but also when choosing the characteristics of your future application. We remind you that our experienced app designers in London can advise on the best options based on a thorough analysis and by complying with your requests in this sense.

Why decide on a mobile application?

Since the appearance of smartphones, mobile applications have also started to become more and more popular among the young, but also older people. The easy use of the devices determined many business owners to promote their companies through apps that can offer clients personalized experiences.

Among the other reasons to have a mobile app created are also:

  • accessibility as the app can be accessed from anywhere with a stable Internet connection;
  • the possibility of creating a stable and growing client database;
  • the chance of developing an existing product or creating a new one based on the experience of clients and customers;
  • the option of receiving feedback from clients which can help with future developments;
  • the possibility to target people from specific areas of interest.

A mobile app is the best choice for newly launched companies seeking to have great coverage of the UK market. Even if in most cases, e-commerce companies use apps to attract clients, other businesses can also have apps created with the help of our specialists.

An app can encompass various functions, among which data and identity management through which users can create their own profiles and customize their experiences as they want to. Moreover, a mobile app can also be created to send push notifications or to show media content, including advertisement. Apps can also be integrated with Social Media platforms.

If you have any questions about the creation of an app, our app designers in London will answer them. Moreover, we can also help you integrate an app with an existing website, or we can create both the app and site for your business at the same time.

You can also watch a video on our app design services in London:

Mobile app purchase and advertising statistics

The importance of having a mobile application has become obvious for all website owners in the UK. However, to emphasize this importance, we present some information offered by Statista.com, according to which:

  • in 2015, the revenues generated by mobile app purchases amounted to 69.7 billion USD at a global level;
  • in the same year, the revenues generated by in-app advertising were worth 40.5 billion USD;
  • in 2017, Google Play had 2.8 million applications running on it, while iOS had 2.2 million apps;
  • in 2020, mobile apps are expected to generate 188.9 billion USD dollars in revenue from purchases and advertising.

For personalized app design services in London, please contact our web design company.